Who is the Spiced Vegan??

Hi there! I’m Adeline, the Spiced Vegan. And I am on MY journey to radiant health, overflowing joy, abundance daily and immense gratitude for everything that is 🙂 Glad you could join me!

Some facts about me. I’m…

  • Vegan/100% Plant-based since 2011 (17 months so far and plenty more years to go, WOOHOO!)
  • Certified Vegan Culinary Course graduate (I can cook a mean vegan dish. You just try me!)
  • Certified Raw Food Teacher-in-Training with Karen Knowler
  • Member of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers
  • A practising Yogi right down to the core (Gratitude, Love, Intention!)
  • a Green Smoothie addict (but you probably already know from my instagram)
  • Currently on a high-raw vegan diet (raw till dinnertime which gives me super turbo charge energy throughout the day!)
  • On a mission to get people (I’m looking at you, Singaporean) excited about whipping up excellent, healthy, plant-based food that’s easy and practical and don’t cost a friggin’ bomb!
  • An avid Manga reader since young (I am reading Naruto!! :))
  • Have got 5 cats and 2 dogs at home! (my sis is The Crazy Cat Lady ;))

Some interesting things I’ve done:

  • I’ve lived in Japan 3 years where I studied Japanese Language intensively and completed a course in Manga and Animation at a college in Tokyo, Hachioji
  • Been an Assistant Teacher on a fieldtrip to Kyushu examining Eco-tourism, Rural Revitalisation, Organic Farming and Farmstays, together with 10 bright students!
  • Gone rafting in Japan… TWICE! 😀 (Absolutely awesome fyi)
  • Designed a Manga-style poster for a conference hosted by my univ. department (yes, I do manga drawings!)
  • Taught ESL privately to Japanese expats and 2 high school kids
  • Been to Canada, UK, Australia, Paris, Japan.. and want to do a South-East Asia tour sometime in the future 🙂

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