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Okay, so I’ve mentioned a coupla times I’ve been dabbling with raw foods in my diet. If you’re gone through my earlier posts, you’ll notice I haven’t had very much success prior to just recently. But for reasons which I’m still speculating and coming to terms with, eating a high raw diet (about 60%) is working phenomenally for me at the moment.

For skeptics who’ve perhaps tried going raw but have their attempts backfire, or simply anyone who’s interested but haven’t had the means to do so, one thing’s for sure: certainly anyone and everyone can eat raw foods, just don’t go all crazy and puritanical at the start and go according to your comfort levels (especially those exhibiting Vata imbalance!!)

Once you’ve found out how raw foods work in for you in your particular lifestyle and diet, you realise it is only the start of wonderful opportunities and possibilities. Let’s start with the fact that there is zero cooking involved, minimising cooking prep and clean up. Furthermore, raw meals are very very portable and great especially when your workplace pantry is less than ideally furnished (like mine which doesn’t have a microwave!!)

Here’s a glimpse into fun workplace lunches I’ve been conjuring up (given my many a mad scientist moment) lately: 


wpid-CAM00281.jpgThis is one of my first raw recipes I attempted and also the very first raw lunch I brought to work (ah, memories! 🙂 ). I made a few servings of raw zucchini bread/wraps over the weekend so threw together washed and prepped veggies in a lunchbox with these wraps. Also included an easy-as-peas balsamic dressing thickened with chia and leftover guacamole.
On the same theme, you can also make open faced sandwiches from these raw flatbreads! Absolutely versatile and easy to carry around without the worry of squashing them flat. Guacamole is great as a more stomach-filling addition, but other than that using a nut-based dressing (such as cashews for creaminess) will make you feel fuller, yet remaining light on your digestion!wpid-CAM00597.jpg


wpid-CAM00367.jpgI’ve really fallen for these raw beet crackers which consist of shredded beets, flax meal and sunflower seeds. The taste is really unlike normal baked crackers. If baked crackers taste of something, than their raw counterparts taste 200% of that same something! Sheer chompalicious-ness!

wpid-CAM00369.jpgI’ve also made raw corn chips from real sweetcorn, following a different recipe which called for cumin (below). I did not like them 😦 as they tasted weirdly bitter and off for some reason. The raw beet crackers still remain my go-to recipe. I’ve made them twice and they turn out great each time.wpid-CAM00505.jpgHere’s how I make raw crackers the caveman, no-dehydrator way. I just make as per the recipe except I sun-dry them for one day! Living right smacked at the equator allows you to do that! For extra crispness, I cut up the sheet into shapes and dry them an extra day (below). You don’t need an oven (or dehydrator) to make things crispy when you’ve got the good ol’ sun on your side 🙂

I’ve so far eaten my dips mostly with a Tofu Pesto Dip, which I learnt during one of my vegan culinary classes. Yea I know tofu isn’t raw but this dip is what I like to eat at the moment, its healthy, easy to prepare and doesn’t disturb my digestion as much as a lot of the high carb, high fat, high MSG, cooked-to-oblivion lunches available outside at the moment. wpid-CAM00466.jpg


What else do you do with your raw crackers? You toss them in with your salad greens! They become the croutons, or crispy components such as tacos that help bulk up your greens and provide a textural crunch to the soft leafy greens.

wpid-CAM00473.jpgDon’t forget the cashew sour cream when you’re at it! Blitzing soaked cashews, lemon juice, a touch of apple cider vinegar, garlic and a pinch of salt and black pepper makes a lovely velvety smooth cream that is both pleasing to the tastebuds and healthful at the same time. It’s one of those essential raw recipes you’ll rely on again and again.wpid-CAM00470.jpg


Ah, pasta.. the thought of which manages to conjure up contradictory images of both emotional comfort and dietary discomfort. I used to like pasta — the slurping of noodles in a thick tomatoey, umami rich sauce. The after-meal stodgy feeling is less delightful though.

Once you procure some sort of a veggie noodle maker of which there are lots of options available in the market, you can make noodles out of zucchini, carrots, pumpkins, turnips and other root veggies. I’ve mainly stuck to zucchini as they’re spongy and neutral tasting remaining closest in taste to the real thing.

Have them covered with raw marinara, made from fresh tomatos, EVOO and a sprinkling of dried Italian herbs..



Raw Spaghetti with alfalfa and arugula with Cheeze sauce

With a Cheeze sauce made from cashews, miso and nutritional yeast

Or with pesto! Any kind you like 🙂 Once the zucchini noodles are covered with a delicious sauce you’d be slurping away to your heart’s delight!


Raw spaghetti with pesto, cherry tomatos and red peppers

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Share with me, what’s your favorite healthy lunch to have at the moment? 🙂