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IMG_5888Nothing like breaking the night fast with fresh fruit. Although Vatas can’t tolerate large amounts of raw fruits and veg, I’ve always found that the exception has been starting my first meal with fruit. Not large quantities, but at most 1 serving to wake up the digestive tract and mind without the shock of difficult to digest starchy foods like whole grains or cereals. 


If you have yet to hear of Chia seeds, where have you been?!! They are nutritional powerhouses with high amounts of calcium, manganese, phosphorus and omega-3s which considering poor diets, atmospheric pollution, stressful lifestyles and synthetic chemicals in products we wear and use on a daily basis that increase the burden of cells in our body, we could probably all do well with having them in our diets.

Chia seeds are not cheap so I tend to buy in bulk. I have 2 tsp at one go rather than the 1-2 T suggested in most recipes which is enough for me to experience their effects.

According to my experience with Chia seeds I

1. feel more energy during the day
2. feel satiated when I include them in my meal
3. always have bowel movements a couple of hours later

I like to to think that the first and second is because its nutrient dense nature (not to mention all that fibre!) causes us to feel full. Our cells have been properly fed with what they need which in turn quells our hunger. The third is because Chia seeds absorb a lot of water, swelling, becoming mucilaginous and forming a gel. This stimulates movement in the bowels aiding smooth elimination. So don’t eat too much at one go because you might get diarrhea and lose too much water instead!

I hope that if you haven’t tried Chia seeds before you give this a go because its the most fuss-free way to enjoy them. Some people make puddings out of them or add them to salad dressings to produce a naturally thick and creamy texture. Others may also put them in baked goods to increase fibre and nutrition. For the most part though and if you want to quickly kick-start your day and get those bowels moving I highly recommend you getting easily digestible fibre in first thing in the morning with this.


Dragonfruit Juice with Chia seeds

You will need:

Half a large dragon fruit
2 tsp Chia seeds
Some water

make Chia gel
add some water while stirring seeds in a glass. Keep stirring and you notice they start to swell after a while and becoming gooey. Don’t just pour the water over without stirring as they will sink to the bottom and form a solid block making it difficult to blend evenly with the juice.

blend dragonfruit & mix with Chia gel
cut up chunks of the fruit and toss into blender. Blend. You won’t need water to get it going. Now pour juice into glass slowly, stirring to incorporate the Chia gel.

Squeeze some lemon juice for a more refreshing. tart flavor.

I’ve also done this with papaya and watermelon (dragonfruit remains my favorite though!). Some other possible fruits would be kiwis, oranges, pineapple, anything with higher water content to produce juice in the blender.