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Cinnamon Apple Date Muffins

Cinnamon Apple Date Muffins

So my banana bread was all gone, boohoo, and I was on a quick bread eating roll. I wanted to make something with fruit in it since it would have something healthy in it and was having trouble finding a vegan muffin/cake/bread recipe on the net that caught my attention. Why not flip over to a cookbook recipe? D-u-h. I’ve been reading, ogling at, not to mention accumulating these cookbook recipes but rarely ever coming back to make them. A tendency of mine to search the net for answers?

Anyway, I made the Cinnamon Apple Raisin Muffins from Divine Vegan Desserts, which is an incredible book full of recipes that look exciting yet comforting enough you would feel could come out of your own kitchen, rather than say, some high end chef’s. Added bonus? The recipes are all gluten-free! Wow. Tall order. Yet it seems to have the answers to creating many home-baked goods like these Cinnamon Apple Raisin Muffins. I’ve got so many other recipes from their book that I want to try like the Chocolate Midnight Cake (like that mysterious tone), Spiced Carrot Bread, Mincemeat Pies… mmm.


I didn’t follow the recipe entirely and made various (quite a lot!) changes. First, I used a mix of atta flour, oat and chickpea flour instead of all gluten-free because that’s what I currently have at the moment and wanted to see how this would turn out here compared to my Banana Bread attempt. I also omitted the raisins and added dates instead and halved the amount of vanilla since I don’t really like artificial tastes. Also, rather than the 1/4 cup agave or maple syrup called for, I used 1T molasses sugar and about 5T organic cane sugar, dissolved in some water in the microwave. Oh and used water instead of non-dairy milk because I didn’t have any and don’t discern too much of a taste difference when I use water. One more thing which I learnt from making the banana bread, use some apple cider vinegar to react with the baking soda. This liberates air bubbles and removes the baking soda taste which would otherwise remain since the bicarb wouldn’t have anything to react with!

The batter was veeeerrrrry thick, so thick I couldn’t even run my whisk through! It was almost like crumble topping. Eeks. Maybe this was because the different kinds of flour I used absorb more water than gluten-free flour? Anyway, I added a lot more water to this just to get it to a consistency to mix in the diced apple and dates. It was still very thick as I blobbed them into 12 muffin cups. They smelled good enough baking and tasted alright. But I think I would have preferred using either grated apple or applesauce which would impart a more intense apple flavor. It called for ground almonds or walnuts but I would use roasted ones to add to the overall flavor rather than let the nutty taste be hidden. Whilst I don’t mind nutmeg, some people might not like its flavor so I might omit or halve the amount next time. Still on the hunt, or should I say the quest to developing my version of a warm, hearty and scrumpalicious apple cinnamon muffin/bread!