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Indian Broad Beans, Tomato and Purple Cabbage Saute

Indian Broad Beans, Tomato and Purple Cabbage Saute

It’s been almost two weeks since I started this dinner plan thing for my sister. Long story short, sis decided she had had enough of quick-fix solutions after work which consisted mostly of tin veggies, bottled pasta sauces, pasta, white bread and all kinds of spreads plus all the snacks that come after. I am amazed she’s managed to get this far on her work schedule eating like that! I am more than happy to cook for (read: practice on) anyone and am flattered enough for anyone to be willing enough. She’s vegetarian anyway and not too picky with her options – we’re all happy enough to get our veggies given our plant-strong diets, so that makes things a lot more relaxed for me.

Today I served up this really easy Indian broad bean saute with avocado (its the season!) and yesterday’s Sambar on the side. I had mine with green chilli pickle which was tangy, spicy and added lots of oomph. These Indian broad beans, known as Avarakkai, look like snow peas but definitely taste much different with a less bright but more earthy taste. They are a cinch to cook anyway. Many recipes call for a tempering of the usual spices — mustard seeds, urad dal, dried red chilli and asafoetida before sauteing the peas. Then water is added and the peas left to stew for a few minutes. Finally, a few tablespoons of grated fresh coconut is added and allowed to steam-cook for an additional minute before plating. I pretty much followed this recipe, only adding a fresh diced tomato towards the end and what remained of my purple cabbage into the sauteing. Sis liked the coconut which added more body to the dish, much like how people add eggs into their veggie stir-fries just to bulk things up. Hope this dish has piqued your interest in the many varieties of Indian vegetarian food, more than just the kormas, chicken tikkas and chana masalas! Cheers and enjoy 🙂